How it works


Rent reminder & invoices

We notify tenants when rent is due via Emails and app push notifications.


Payments & receipts

Tenants pay rent When your tenant makes an online rent payment, both you and the tenant are sent receipts.

Online Rent Collection


Landlord receives rent Detailed reports keep you up to date on all payments made and if any rent payments are outstanding.


The first
mobile app in Kuwait that allows tenants to pay rent online through Knet

Download Jebayah app from Apple store Download Jebayah app from Google play

Easy & Simple

Elegant and fascinating design
to allow tenants to pay their rent
easily without having to read a manual.

Pay your rent

Pay your rent
from any where, at any time
fast and securely.

Payment history

A complete history of all your
previous rent payments
at your fingertips.

Register as a landlord

5 quick steps to become
a registered landlord
and be able to collect your rent online.

Edit your profile

View your profile at jebayah
edit your profile details
and select your preferred language.

Why use Jebayah?

  • No need to have a registered company. Your rental income goes directly to your bank account
  • Reduce bank visits by accepting online payments only and minimise fraud
  • Increase on-time rent payments. No more knocking on residents door and waiting for them to be home
  • Manage multiple properties from a single dashboard and streamline the rent collection process.
  • Collect security deposits online as well as any other payments and rent like a pro.
  • Decrease security risks of having cash in the office and enjoy a full view of all transactions for accurate accounting.
  • Choose your preferred payment channel (online, mobile, phone) and pay your rent securely, anytime, anywhere.
  • All transactions are secure with advanced SSL encryption to give you peace of mind.
  • Receive an electronic rent payment receipt and forget about lost receipts.


Start collecting your rent online through Knet NOW.


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Are you a tenant?

Would you like to pay your rent online through jebayah? Invite your landlord now.

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